Public Education

This is a little different than most of my posts, but I had a moment when I was doing my Wim Hof Method stretches and was thinking about the government, my children, and life in general. I had recalled to mind one of the many times I questioned public education’s efficiency, effectiveness and overall purpose.

Public education is unconstitutional. Public education is impractical. Public education is a black hole into which our children are forced to dump all their time, talents, energy, motivation, will and their parent’s money into for 13 years of their life.

Then, we follow this bakers dozen of their best years up with heavy pressure on them to spend an additional 4-8 more years of the same into “higher education” which, just like K-12 education, was invented by the powers that be to make money and shape our children into what they want them to be – mindless units to fill their labor pool and make them money; Only this time, as our children graduate, either our chilren as individuals or our nation as a whole (both, it’s both) become the holders of an exorbant amount of debt.

Public Education is the blue whale in the room to whom we feed our children; When our children plead to us as to why they have to be fed to this behemoth we chuckle and say something like, “Oh it’s important and one day you’ll be glad we made you go through with it.”

How many things were we forced to learn in school that we don’t use today? I learned to read in school; That happened in kindergarten. I learned to type on a QWERTY keyboard; I think that happened in 1st grade. I also learned some basic math during those years. There was some history in there, somewhere, and some stuff about science and the earth. All these things were done before or during the fifth grade. And even out of 5 years that I spent in elementary school, I can only recall a few things, mostly out of the 1st, 2nd and 5th grades.

What does that say about the rest of those 7 hour days, for 9 years?

Do we realize that we are mandated by our government to spend from about 8 am to 3 pm, 180 days a year, for 12 years, wasting our time? Those figures are awful! 7 x 180 x 12 = 15,120 hours. That doesn’t include “after-school” programs that are mandated in cases of misbehavior or poor grades.

It was once theorized that 10,000 hours was the amount of time it takes to become a world-class master of any subject. What did you become the world-master-and-a-half of while you were in school?

I look back and consider that if I had spend 20 minutes per day on a topic of interest during those years, I would have learned ten times more than I learned in school. That might be an exaggerated figure, but I really don’t think it is; Actually I think it is underexaggerated.


Think about this: if you were to expose yourself to a new topic each day for twenty minutes, how long would it take before you found a topic you absolutely loved? You could then spend an hour a day on that subject, while continuing to experiment with new topics for 20 minutes a day.

Eventually you would find another, then another. Soon your day would be filled with learning about and understanding and mastering things you loved.

There are 15,000 hours being wasted that could be dedicated to anything else of more value and interest. We do well at things we love. Kids who flunk school aren’t dumb, they just hate school.

Imagine if you had spent 2 hours per day (not including weekends, holidays, or summers) on 3 subjects that you absolutely loved. You would be a 1/2 world-class master of those three subjects, and still have had time “after school” for the normal, typical, childhood and teenage.  And you would have arrived at this leverl of mastery by the age of 18.

Or you could have spent one hour per day on 6 subjects and been the quartermaster of those 6 subjects. Or 30 minutes on 12! Heck, it doesn’t matter what you did as long as it wasn’t sitting in front of a screen or in school!

Do you see the point I am trying to make? So why don’t we do it? Why do we follow along with government mandates that cripple us and our children?

Is it the “free” day care that actually costs Americans nearly $300,000,000,000 – yes, that is $300 BILLION – in taxes? And that’s a small tax compared to the many other taxes we pay.

Is it that we truly believe some guy that was fed to the public education machine and came out with a teaching degree from some University that was taken over by the Rockefellers a long, long time ago can actually do a better job educating and preparing our children for life than we, their parents, can?

Is it that we are afraid of responsibility and prefer to delegate the single most important calling and responsibility of our life to someone else?

Is it that we are afraid of the government’s mandates? Understanding, of course, that our government consists mostly of 500+ people thousands of miles away in a few buildings on the east coast and a few hundred others at our state capitol, compared to hundreds of millions of parents across this land that used to be “great” and “free”.

Insanity. That is what keeps our kids in public schools. Insanity, apathy and fear.

Wake up, America.